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What are the curiosities of Sardinia ?

What are the curiosities of Sardinia?


  • Ichnùsa Or Sandaliotis. …
  • The 4 Executed Dies. …
  • Atlantis May Not Be Just A Legend … …
  • Did You Know That There Is A Babylonian Pyramid In Sardinia ? 
  • Two Civilizations In Civilization …
  • Desert Of Piscinas. …
  • Centenari Island. …
  • Carnivorous Plant.

What are the traditions of Sardinia?

Antioco Martyr Patron Saint of Sardinia in (Sant’Antioco), the Sagra del Redentore in Nuoro, S’Ardia in Sedilo, Pozzomaggiore and Illorai, Sa Sartiglia in Oristano, San Gavino in Porto Torres, San Michele in Alghero, the feast of Santa Vitalia in Serrenti, the feast of the Assumption in Orgosolo, the festival of Santa Maria de is Acuas or ..

What is produced in Sardinia?

The olive tree and the vine are grown in the hilly areas. The production of wheat, barley and vegetables are grown in the Campidano plain. Remarkable is the production of beets and oranges. A typical product of Sardinia is the cork oak, which is favored by the very arid soil.

Where is Sardinia located?

It is located in the western Mediterranean and its territory coincides with the Sardinian archipelago, consisting almost entirely of the island of Sardinia and a considerable number of surrounding small islands and archipelagos.

What are the typical dishes of Sardinia?

Sardinia in 10 dishes

  • Potato culurgiones. These ravioli witha characteristic ear closure are made with durum wheat semolina and water. …
  • Sea urchins. …
  • Suppa cuata. …
  • Pani frattau. …

What are the nuraghi used for?

It generally has the shape of a truncated cone and is built with dry overlapping stone blocks, ie without mortar to join the stones together. Mostly the nuraghe was built on heights, near the villages, and had a military and defensive function (not as a tomb as was once believed).

What is the culture of Sardinia?

Sardinia , characterized by its indigenous culture and scarce external contacts, has a specificity that manifests itself in its folkloric heritage, in the festivals, in the festivals, in the costumes, in the relations with strangers, in the traditional hospitality and in the cult of family values .

What are the two main crops of Sardinia?

Sardinian agriculture is today linked to specialized productions such as wine and olive growing, those of the artichoke, the only agricultural export product: Sardinia is forced to import 2/3 of the foodstuffs consumed.

What is the most developed sector in Sardinia?

One of the most developed sectors is certainly that of extractive activities, linked to the riches of the subsoil. On the island there are, in fact, numerous mines from which iron, lignite, lead and zinc are obtained, minerals that once were not processed in Sardinia .

Where is central or southern Sardinia located?

The Center of Sardinia includes the regions like Lazio, Marche, Tuscany and Umbria. The South includes the regions of Southern Italy or Southern Italy (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia) and those of insular Italy ( Sardinia , Sicily).

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