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Top 15 Survival Tips When You’re Introverted

Top 15 Survival Tips When You’re Introverted

Life is complicated. But it’s even more complicated when you’re an introverted person and society belongs to extroverted people who always want to do stuff while you don’t. Here are some tips for surviving in this violent and noisy world.

1. Get to parties early

By arriving in the first, there will be fewer people, so less tiring for you. Moreover, if at 11 p.m. you decide to leave, you will have already stayed several hours

2. Avoid places where there is too much noise and too many people

So yes obviously a concert is tense. But in the evening, for example, don’t hesitate to leave the main room where everyone is enjaille to take a break next door. With luck, other introverts will join you in forming a community of tranquility.

3. Take frequent breaks

Like on the job, even if you don’t smoke, don’t hesitate to take some fresh air outside. Of course you don’t have to stay with the smokers.


4. When you answer the phone, let us know straight away that you don’t have a lot of battery

“Hi can I talk to you?

– Yes but I have 1% battery…

– It’s about my whole life, I’d like to talk to you about every detail.

– Sorry, it cuts out. »

And you hang up quietly.

5. Avoid small talk

That is to say small conversations like “what do you do for a living? », « how are you, what did you eat yesterday? “. The larger subjects always awaken the spirit, and prevent you from feeling in a vacuity that smells of semolina.

6. In the evening, pretend we’re calling you to get away from the noise

While in real life nobody calls you huh, but at least you can go out to breathe and recharge the batteries like a boss.

7. In the evening always come with your car

So yes it’s eco-friendly and it prevents you from drinking, but hey, at least you can come home anytime, and you don’t have to wait for your friends who want to spend an all-nighter.

8. Gate of black

Why black? Well simply to hide you in plain sight. So as soon as night falls, you can become a shadow.

9. At the hairdresser, do not hesitate to point out from the start that you are not a talkative person

Or that you are tired. Generally, hairdressers are understanding and it allows you to spend half an hour more serenely without having to tell what you do for a living.


10. Do your shopping outside of rush hour

So yes, on weekends and in the evening it sucks, because it’s crowded, but on Saturday mornings the stores are generally less crowded. During the day on weekdays too if you are lucky enough to have variable hours.

11. In the car with friends or carpooling, always put yourself in the back

That way you have nothing to manage and you can take 8 hour naps without anyone judging you.

12. Always carry a pair of (noise-canceling) headphones with you.

That way you can cut yourself off from the world at any time.

13. Always carry a feudal japan katana with you

That way you can cut people off at any time.

14. Wrap yourself in a soundproof plastic bubble

In addition with this bubble you can run over people who want to talk to you.

15. Walk with a lion

Or a crocodile. Or a bear. Finally something that is a little scary.

And you as an introverted person, what survival trick do you use in everyday life?


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