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These actors faced Dangerous conditions during some shoots

One would think that the world of cinema represents no danger, and that the actors are so supervised that they take absolutely no risk in interpreting a role, but this is not true. Often, actors are far from imagining what awaits them when they enter a film set. And this is where all the strength of their temperament comes into play.

We at Bright Side have therefore compiled for you today the most interesting stories we have found about the dangerous conditions some actors have had to face on the sets of famous films. Then you can better appreciate the courage and mental strength of Hollywood stars.

1.   On the set of  The Revenant , Leonardo DiCaprio had to really eat raw bison liver, even though he is a vegetarian

Quite frankly, this role really took Leo out of his comfort zone. During the filming, the actor lost a lot of weight, grew a beard, and faced all the vagaries of nature. And that’s not all. To make a scene more believable, Leonardo DiCaprio had to put aside his vegetarian diet and eat the liver of a bison raw. Considering the success of the film, dangerous conditions he faced was worth it.

2.    For the film Cliffhanger , Sylvester Stallone had to overcome his fear of heights

By accepting this role, Sylvester Stallone did not imagine that he would have to perform the stunts for the riskiest scenes himself. If he had known in advance that he would really have to climb, he would have simply refused the role. But fate, or simply the director, defied the intrepid Rambo, and the latter finally accepted: this is how one of the actor’s most breathtaking films was created!


  1. The actor of the saga Jason Bourneis really very afraid of snakes. 


When filming for New Beginnings began, it was to a mixture of surprise and awe that he learned that the snakes would be real, not created with special effects. But in the end, although Matt Damon “did his duty” with the utmost courage, he failed to overcome his phobia. Like what, shock therapy does not necessarily cure all phobias.

4.   Tobey Maguire, the star of  Spider-Man , is also dizzy

We don’t know why Tobey agreed to play a character who just jumps between skyscrapers, but he did. The actor being very afraid of emptiness and height, the director had to make an effort so that Tobey Maguire remains credible in the aerobatic scenes. And the rendering is perfect, right?

5.   On the set of  Black Swan , Natalie Portman lost a lot of weight and almost fell into depression

Even though Natalie Portman was part of a ballet corps until the age of 13, interpreting the dancer of  Black Swan was very difficult for her. Huge stress, drastic diet (the actress lost a lot of weight), exhausting exercises… The film may have turned out to be a masterpiece, but the price of success was almost too high for its protagonist. Luckily, it all ended well, and Natalie managed to recover well after everything she had been through.

6.   Chris Hemsworth had to both gain and lose weight for two different movie roles

Between filming the films Thor and In the Heart of the Ocean , the actor had to both work on his muscles (for the role of Thor) and then lose weight impressively (for the role of Owen Chase). He first ate a lot and did a lot of weight training, then immediately followed up with a drastic diet while undergoing special cardiovascular training to interpret the supporting role. He finally interpreted these two characters very well, but at what cost! Chris later said the experience was very unpleasant. And we totally understand that.

7.   Just like his character Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter saga , Rupert Grint is very afraid of spiders

Interesting coincidence: Rupert Grint, like Ron, hates spiders, which is why he couldn’t act in the scenes where spiders appear (and there are a lot of them, when you think about it). The actor performed his role perfectly, but unfortunately he could not overcome his fear.

8.   During the filming of  Moulin Rouge Nicole Kidman had to sing and dance with broken ribs

Nicole Kidman seems incredibly sweet and fragile. And obviously, it is, because during the filming of the musical, she fractured a rib when she fell while dancing with Ewan McGregor. Later, she broke another while tying her corset. And that’s not to mention the injury she suffered in her knee, slipping because of her heels that were too high. Luckily, his injuries subsided, and the movie turned out amazing. Nicole Kidman’s courage can be admired.

9.   In the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, Charlize Theron screamed so hard she strained her abdominal muscles

An unexpected, yet predictable accident. The character played by Charlize Theron had to scream so loudly, and for so long in different scenes, that it led to the suspension of filming: the actress had to be hospitalized due to a rupture of the abdominal muscles. After this incident, she quickly turned the incident into a joke.

10.                 Anna Kendrick accidentally got drunk on the set of  Drinking Buddies

A rather funny incident happened to Anna Kendrick on the set of this romantic comedy. During a scene in which the main characters are drinking among themselves, instead of giving them non-alcoholic beer, someone made the mistake of serving them real, rather heavy beer. And this scene requiring several takes, the alcohol had its effect. The actress explained that she didn’t immediately realize what was happening. The result is all the more… believable!

So what do you think of this article? Do you know any other filming Dangerous conditions that could be included in this list? Leave a message in the comments, and of course remember to share this article with the people around you!

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