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The Most Dangerous places on The Earth

In the collective imagination, the Land of Dinosaurs is a rather hostile world. To add to the myth, today, researchers describe a region populated mainly by giant carnivores,the most dangerous places on the earth. A place they do not hesitate to describe as the most dangerous in the history of the Earth.


100 million years ago, you could come across all kinds of ferocious predators. In the sky, frightful flying reptiles . On land , more formidable hunters than our crocodiles . This place that researchers from the University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom) describe as  “the most dangerous in the history of the Earth  ” is a region of the Sahara. Somewhere in the south-east of Morocco, near the Kem Kem.


For some years now, paleontologists have suspected the area to have been home to a significant proportion of carnivorous dinosaurs . The fossils studied here by the researchers confirm this. At that time, an extensive river system crisscrossed the region. Many species of animals lived there. Among them are three of the largest known predatory dinosaurs .


The playground of giant carnivores

Thus, the  Carcharodontosaurus , an animal more than eight meters long and with powerful jaws planted with serrated teeth. Saber teeth that can measure up to sixteen centimeters. Another example: the  Deltadromeus . A member of the raptor family , also about eight meters long. It featured long and unusually slender hind limbs for its size, making it dramatically effective.

Most of these monsters relied on the local abundance of fish for food . Disproportionately sized fish such as pulmonate fish or giant coelacanths , measuring up to four or five times the size of those that can still be encountered on Earth today. “A place in which the life expectancy of a human time traveler would be infinitesimally small. »


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