green corals under water
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Plants found in the Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean covers a vast area of ​​our planet and includes a number of ecosystems, each with its own collection of plant and animal species.

This large body of water is made up of salt water which contains many marine species.

The Pacific can be classified into three types of ecosystems: coastal, coral reef and open ocean.


Coralline algae act as a food source, structural support system, and environmental protector for saltwater and even freshwater reef systems. Coralline algae are a very important part of the reef and can also be desirable in a home aquarium. These pink, rocky shells are found in sunny parts of the seabed, from the poles to the tropics.


It is a group or class of unicellular algae. They are the only organism on the planet whose cell walls are made up of clear opaline silica.

Alveolar Aldrowand

Interestingly, it is a carnivorous plant that feeds on zooplankton, mosquito larvae and small fry.

Leafworm Algae

It grows best in the Pacific Ocean due to the low water temperature. These algae have the same abilities as seagrasses.

sugar leaf

Sugar kelp is a brown seaweed, known for its brown foam, characteristic blade with wavy edges and sweet taste.

Pinnate Undaria

It is a kind of famous seaweed that can be found in the ocean. It is often described as a superfood. Pinnate undaria has a slight sweetness.

Anthopleura xanthogrammica

Anthopleura xanthogrammica, or giant green anemone, is a species of intertidal sea anemone in the family Actiniidae. They are mainly found along the west coast of North and Central America, from southern Alaska to Panama.

finger sheet

It is a large brown algae from the Listownicowatych family. Present in the sublittoral zone to the north. It is a common seaweed found in the shallow seas around the coasts.

Fucus spiralis

It is a species of brown algae. The average Fucus spiralis can reach 30 centimeters in length. The branches of this plant are often divided into two parts. Fucus spiralis also grows on hard surfaces like rocks.

Metridium farcimen

This large anemone can reach 1 m in height and has more than 200 thin and relatively short tentacles. It is usually white, but can also be brown or pinkish orange.

sea ​​grass

It is a plant that grows in the Pacific Ocean. It prefers to thrive in shallow parts of the ocean floor. Seagrasses can form a “carpet” on the ocean floor. Herbarium leaves are very long. The roots are buried deep in the sand of the ocean.

red algae

Red algae, one of approximately 6,000 species of predominantly marine algae, often found in other coastal plants. Gracilaria, Jellyfish and other red algae are used to produce agar of great importance, which is commonly used as a nutrient medium for microorganisms.
Red algae are red due to the presence of phycoeritin pigment.


It is a very small plant. He is so small that his true form cannot be seen with the naked eye. Phytoplankton also contain fluorescence. It is this fluorescence that makes them somewhat recognizable in water.


The grapes are brown algae and the “grapes” are the air bubbles that keep them afloat. It may look like seabed plants found in coastal waters, but that’s not quite true.


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