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Photo by Alexandru Sofronie on Unsplash

French Bulldog – 10 Fun Facts, Information and Facts

Some dog breeds are small and cute. Their destiny is to accompany man in his daily life. Such are, for example, the dogs of the French Bulldog breed. These little dogs love their masters very much and are sincerely devoted to them.

  1. The French Bulldog is a plump little dog. Despite his small size, he is muscular and strong and has a lot of energy in his small body.
  2. He has a short coat in shades of brown, black, beige and white. His ears look like bat ears, they are large and erect.
  3. The French Bulldog comes from England, the first breeding was created in the 19th century. From the beginning, this breed was bred for one purpose, for these dogs to be human companions.
  4. French Bulldogs are very friendly, happy and cute. They are easy to organize and do not cause major problems.
  5. They are very sociable, they like the company of children and other pets, they are in no way aggressive.
  6. Given their short legs and stocky body, these dogs don’t like long walks as they can become out of breath. They are not very physically active, nor do they like to swim or fetch. They like to play, but not too long, prefer to rest.
  7. Their big drawback is loud snoring during sleep and since they like to sleep close to their owners, this can be unpleasant and annoying for them.


  1. These dogs don’t need large gardens to run around in, so they’re ideal city dogs. A short daily walk is enough for them, they don’t like to run or get tired.
  2. Purebred Beagles can have various health issues. They most often suffer from eye diseases, but sometimes they also suffer from thyroid and back problems.
  3. These are dogs that don’t like the heat. Therefore, during this period, they need to be protected in a special way, providing them with a place to rest in the shade. In hot weather, you should also avoid walking, as this can harm them.

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