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7 Dumbest funny facts of week 1


Hi niggas, how are you doing on this beautiful dreary and gray day of a month of August which starts everything quietly? We are fine. Finally it’s ok, it’s ugly, there are more cases of covid around us than trees in the Amazon forest but it should end up getting better and there will be fewer (cases and trees by the way). You know it’s Sunday and Sunday in orofact is the day of the dumbest facts. Once again we thank the brave Ady , finder of unusual miscellaneous facts who helps us find beautiful nuggets every week.



1.You have a big belly”, the lunar altercation between two deputies during the vaccine pass debate

For so long it has been said that the deputies are really kids, you have to believe us. Arriving at this kind of schoolyard insults in the middle of a debate at the assembly is a bit scary. After maybe he really had a big belly and all the guy in front of him, suddenly it would be justified to say it (no).

2.On the run for 20 years, he is unmasked by the police… because he was not wearing his mask

This murderer had been hiding for 20 years and had to keep a low profile, after 18 years on the run, a pandemic arrives which allows him to put on a mask in the street and hide his face even more, but no , the guy decides not to wear it at the risk of being arrested for that… Well done for his face.

3.A woman who made $44,000 a week selling her farts was hospitalized for farting too much

The race for glory in all its glory, she burned her wings trying too hard to flirt with the angels. This woman sold her farts in jars and in view of the success it had she began to follow a special diet to be able to fart more until being hospitalized. Believe in your dreams and efforts, and always stay safe anyway, we never say it enough.

4.Chile: A baby named Griezmann Mbappé was born on January 1

History does not yet say if this Chilean baby will have French nationality thanks to this pretty first name, but he will already have class and probably the best parents in the world, so we are not worried about little Grizbapé. from Chile.

5.In the middle of handball training, a wild boar breaks into a gymnasium near Caen

The stunned looks multiplied and the questions rang out: “Is he a supporter? », « a new player? », « a member of staff? In my opinion, it is above all the symbol of the Ardennes that is arriving in Caen and it is a sign that we should perhaps try to make a match with the Rethel team. Heart on you my Ardennes.

6.He drives at 240 km/h on the Ring and drifts in a roundabout: “His father is proud of it”

Belgium is the best country in the world, it is perfectly undeniable. But they also have some champions there and this driver who was doing drifts and 240km/h on the ring road while sharing all that on his networks is clearly a fine specimen. But he makes his father proud and that’s the best part of the story.

7.But who took manhole covers in Trédias in the Côtes d’Armor?

Here is a mystery that prevents the Armoricans from sleeping, who steals the manhole covers?? And above all, (in my opinion the real question of this case to which an answer must be found) why does someone steal manhole covers? What is the plan behind this crime?

While waiting for next week Dumbest facts,y ou can go see the other facts! it’s always funny.

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