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7 books inspired by a true story that will shock you

Writing isn’t just for seasoned authors or writers. To get out of it, to externalize or to prevent, some take up the pen and tell their story. Here are several books, based on true stories, which will not leave you unmoved.

  1. 2 small steps on the wet sand

“ You have to add life to the days when you can’t add more days to life. Anne-Dauphine Julliand is  the mother of Thaïs, a 2-year-old girl. One day, at the beach, she realizes that her little walk is hesitant and that her step is strongly directed inwards. It only took 2 small steps for the life of this family to change. The result comes after a battery of examinations: Thaïs is suffering from an orphan genetic disease.

He only has got a short time left to live. With a lot of love and benevolence, the young mother promises a good life for her little girl. A double fight for the happiness of Thaïs and the survival of Azylis, her very young sister who is diagnosed with the same disease. A poignant story that helps as much as it moves. A book on the disease but also on the life which must continue for the people of the entourage.

2.  A tear saved me

Angèle Lieby is unwell, she is transported to the emergency room in Strasbourg. Quickly, language difficulties appear: she loses consciousness. To intubate her, the doctors put her in an artificial coma. After several days, she does not wake up. However, she is conscious and suffers in a body that prevents her from reacting.

For the hospital staff, she is considered dead. It is inevitable, there is nothing more to be done. It’s a tear that will save her. On her wedding anniversary, her daughter sees a tear running out of the corner of her eye: for the doctors, it’s impossible. Eventually she will move a finger. Months and months of rehabilitation followed. Together with Hervé de Chalendar , a journalist, they decide to write his story.

3.  Acquitted, I killed him so as not to die

June 18, 2009,  Alexandra Lange stabbed her husband to death. If this story has been talked about so much it is because it was about self-defense: Alexandra, mother of 4 children was beaten by the one she loved. Blows, insults, repeated rapes and above all fear… A fear that prevented her from leaving for a long time.


However, her decision is made: she and the children leave. It’s one argument too many, the one that pushes Alexandra to commit the irreparable. Her book tells her story (and tacitly that of so many other women) and shows how French justice has recognized the act of self-defense. This is about recognizing the victims of domestic violence and calling for help for all those who are still in danger. In 2012, Alexandra Lange was acquitted.

4.  Marion, 13 years old forever

On February 13, 2013, Marion committed suicide. She is only 13 years old. A scarf was enough to put an end to the ordeal she was going through because of school bullying . Her phone, she hung it too. A way for her to silence the people who insulted and threatened her every day. In this story,  Nora Fraisse , her mother, pays homage to her but also tries to ensure that Marion’s death is not in vain.

Everyone has a lesson to learn. It is addressed to parents: so that they educate their child not to become executioners and to know when they become victims. She speaks for schools, so that they are more vigilant, more attentive, more benevolent but also more attentive to children who are suffering. She writes to denounce this phenomenon which we hear a lot about but which remains taboo all the same.

5.  You won’t get my hate

Basically,  Antoine Leiris  is a journalist, former columnist for France Inter and France bleu. Yet it was not his job that pushed him to write this first book but the death of his wife. A tragic death on November 13, 2015 while she was at the Bataclan to have a good evening.

The rest, everyone knows it… Hélène will not be coming back. Then begins a new life with Melvil, their little piece of a few months: a life of three that must be continued together . In his book, Antoine recounts the twelve days that followed November 13. A moving testimony.

6.  Never skinny enough

Victoire Maçon Dauxerre was 17 when she was spotted shopping in Paris. She is quickly hired by the Elite agency but a problem arises: she weighs 56 kilos for 1.78m… She is not thin enough. To lose 9 kilos, she only eats apples, 3 times a day. This is the only way for her to get there and meet the demands of haute couture houses. A few months later, she enters the much desired size 32. A perfect size to win castings and be a model for fashion week.

She went on to major fashion shows and became a very popular model. However, the world in which Victoire lives is inhuman: women are treated like objects, selected according to odious criteria and thinness or even thinness is imposed on them. Quickly, her body gets tired and she enters a vicious circle: anorexia. She trades the catwalk for the corridor of a hospital after a suicide attempt. Behind the rhinestones and sequins, she denounces the abuses of the top model world .

7.  Const, my big brother

In March 2017, Constantin was swept away by an avalanche during a ski trip with friends. He was 27 years old, with the future ahead of him and a real desire to “see everything, try everything”. His younger brother, Charles Didisheim , put his emotions down on paper, from the announcement of this terrible news in 2017 until his decision to write a book about it in March 2020. A sort of outlet that allows him “to move forward in his mourning” while keeping the memory of this beloved brother alive.

hrough a few personal snapshots, childhood memories and musical favourites, this story gives us a glimpse of a small part of who Const was. A book punctuated with anecdotes and symbols (all the pages are only numbered with the number 27) which gives us a glimpse of the winding path of mourning. Read whether you are in this situation or not.

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