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10 Fascinating Attractions in Ojców National Park

Ojców National Park is an unusual place located in Lesser Poland. Tourism enthusiasts call this place a paradise, because there are a multitude of attractions, many of which remain unforgettable.

Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the best of them to get to know this place better, and it will also help to understand where such a huge phenomenon of these regions comes from.

1. Dark Cave

It is the first of the attractions to see there. It is over 230 meters long and is known to be called an archaeological site because it was once inhabited by Neanderthals.

2. The Bat Cave

This is another cave that you really must see. We know that many traces of human presence have been discovered there, as well as very large quantities of animal remains, such as several thousand cave bear tusks.

3. Wooden buildings

In Ojców National Park there are also unusual buildings that date back to the 19th century. It was used primarily as a residential facility by locals.

4. Młynarska Boroniówka settlement

It is a place where you can fall in love at first sight. An incredibly beautiful setting makes you want to live there. An interesting fact is that this settlement was saved by two enthusiasts.

5. Castle in Ojców

It is a must for all castle atmosphere enthusiasts. Even though there is not much left of this stronghold today, it still has its own magical atmosphere that you will feel from the very beginning of your stay there.

6. Wierzchowska Cave

This is another cave, but also one of the most amazing. Well, it is characterized by having the longest tourist route in Poland, with no less than 700 corridors that have been made available to tourists.

7. Okopy Hill

This is another of the places to see. It is a fortified town located in the valley of Prądnik. Despite the fact that there are only traces of embankments and moats, it still has its charm and you can feel the historical atmosphere of this place in the air.

8. Krakow Gate

It is an extraordinary place with an equally extraordinary legend. He says the two gate pillars are getting closer to each other, and when they are fully connected, the world will end.

9. The Hercules Club

It is one of the most famous rocks in Ojców National Park. At its top, you can find a cross that commemorates its first conquest, which took place in 1933.

10. The Source of Love

This is another place which is known to a certain legend. It is said to take its name from the steam which, after drinking the water from there, ignites with an endless feeling.


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